Top Recruiting Influencers You Should Be Following in 2021

Looking for the best recruiters to learn from? Here's a list of the most innovative recruiters, tools and people to follow in 2021.

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Bogdan Andrei Published on Nov. 4, 2021

Top Recruiting Influencers You Should Be Following in 2021

Anyone can benefit from having an advisor, someone inspiring that can nudge you in the right direction when you feel lost. While this is true for all areas of life, most recruiters do not realize that their peers, who are so active on social media, can fill this role, and be their online, on-demand advisors. I, myself was in this situation, struggling to grow my career as a recruiter. I was continuously looking for resources until I found these fellow recruiters. I am sure they can help you as well.

1.The Millionaire Recruiter

This channel is a must-see for any recruiter. Filled with invaluable information, delivered in a light-hearted manner, Brianna’s content can truly put you ahead in your recruitment career. Whether you're starting your own agency or helping a candidate that didn't interview well, Brianna's channel has the answer for you. There's a reason she's the millionaire recruiter.

There is perhaps no more essential aspect of freelance recruiting than finding and attracting the right clients. Whether you're an agency owner, a freelance recruiter, or someone at the start of their career, having good client-finding strategies is an absolute must. In this video, Brianna talks about this essential skill: the ability to find clients. If you do have a niche and know what kind of roles you recruit for, then you're good to go. Just go to her channel and take her advice!

2.Ben Nader

Lacking motivation recently? Well, I‘ve got good news for you, especially if you’re a recruiter looking to learn more. After watching just the first video, I was already motivated and pumped up! This guy knows how to deliver quality content! If you are not familiar with his work but are passionate about improving yourself personally or professionally, I highly recommend subscribing to Ben's channel. The production quality of his videos is unparalleled, and the stuff you’ll learn from him… WOW! I can’t believe he shares all this info for free! Ben creates content about entrepreneurship, recruiting, finance, and online business. He left corporate America, started an agency, and became successful. I am sure you can too!

3. Jan Tegze

The author of the Full Stack Recruiter is of course an active online presence. His Twitter account and especially his Medium blog are resources that you should check out.

Here's a sneak peek of this featured article:

Companies are struggling not only to attract but also to retain top talent. Their solution to this problem is to offer more money and more perks, yet they are still not successful. Why? Because sometimes it is not just about salaries and pay, sometimes they can’t offer the one thing that matters most to people.

Made you curious? Check out Jan's blog for more of these golden thoughts put into writing. You won't regret it.

4. RecruitingBlogs

The Recruiting Blogs YouTube Channel offers a comprehensive library of content including relevant news, tools, webinars, and conversations from the RecruitingDaily and RecruitingBlogs team. Do you work in tech and need to hire a big team of Software Engineers? Have you tried categorizing the skills needed for a role in "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves"? I tell you when it comes to Software Developers, they sure are quick on the uptake. It's easier for them to grow into the perfect employee than to spend time upfront becoming the perfect candidate. You may want to check out this very detailed video.

5. Shane McCusker

What I find amazing about Shane’s channel is that he has a plethora of information on it. In the past, I’ve had a challenging time finding people to get advice from, but with Shane, there is no shortage of knowledge. His channel is full of great videos. You will learn why your business needs a website to how to use recruitment software to your advantage. It truly is incredible how many aspects of running a business Shane addresses on his channel.

Nothing like an experienced recruiter to learn from, he is a specialist in recruitment software and knows how to leverage it to make more placements. From the importance of storytelling to advice about starting your own recruitment agency, Shane's channel has it all. With such a valuable YouTube channel and a website that can be found at, you simply don't want to pass up the opportunity of learning from Shane.

6. Craig Fisher

Can’t say enough good things about Craig! Be ready to get information that is much more advanced than much of the other free content available here. For example, his interview with CEO is something you do not want to miss.

Craig's helping talent acquisition teams build a human connection with their prospective targets. He's been detailed in the Wall Street Journal, NPR, The Economist, and Entrepreneur as a subject matter expert in multiple areas of talent acquisition; and is listed among HR and Recruiting’s top influencers and most engaging conference speakers.

7. Betts

The last item on our list is the most entertaining channel in this niche, for sure. Betts is an entertaining YouTube channel that focuses on practical, straightforward tips for all recruiters. It is guaranteed to make your recruiting life more fun when things are not going well, but it's also there for you with valuable videos. Think of it as a library of actionable advice for recruiters in any industry.

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Bogdan Andrei Published on Nov. 4, 2021